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10 of October

Accommodation 2017/2018 - Monthly Payments

In order to facilitate the management and identification of the SASULisboa Accommodation monthly payments, we inform you that, in the current academic year, these should be done exclusively using the ATM reference issued on the respective invoice.
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28 of September

Social Meal Payment - Cantina Velha

In view of the flow of demand, and for safety reasons, for the 2017/2018 academic year, payment for the Social Meal served on the Main Hall Line (floor 0) and the Macrobiotic and Vegetarian Line (floor 1) must be made exclusively through 2 ways:
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25 of August

SASULisboa Accommodation - Applicattions 2017

Please be informed that as of September 2 (Saturday) is open the period of applications for accommodation in the University Residences of SASULisboa.

This application period is intended for students who are enrolled in ULisboa and are applying for > read more
14 of July

SASULisboa Refectories - Summer 2017

Please be informed that during Summer the SASULisboa Refectories will be functioning as followed:

Cantina Velha
Luch service: 12am | 2pm
Bar service: 9am | 6pm
Dinner service: closed between July 17 and September 8

Ajuda Refectory
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26 of June

Scholarships 2017/2018 - Applications

As of June 25, you can apply for a scholarship for the 2017/2018 academic year.
To obtain all the necessary information about this process, consult the menu of the Scholarships in our Portal.

01 of June

Applications - Until June 11

Please be informed that between JUNE 1 and 11, the application period for the assignment of 4 Social Merit Scholarships, in the form of a Collaboration Grant, is open in accordance with the Regulation on Scholarships for Social Merit and Social Consc > read more
29 of May

Applications - 2017/2018

Please be informed that, for the academic year 2017/2018, the application period to Kindergarten of SASULisboa will take place between May 4 and June 21.
Through the consultation of the Child Support menu, you will get detailed information about the > read more
19 of May


The application of the SASULisboa Services Quality Survey provided by the Food Unit, the Unit of Scholarships, the Department of Accommodation and the Kindergarten is taking place between May 22 and May 26.

With this work, the SASULisboa intend to > read more
09 of May

NOTICE - Point Tolerance

Please be informed that, due to a point tolerance on May 12, Friday, the services of SASULisboa will be closed, resuming its normal operation on May 15, Monday.

Likewise, the following Food Units will be closed:

“Cantina Velha” Refectory
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08 of May

Applications - May 8 to 14

Please be informed that between MAY 8 and 14, the complementary period of application for the assignment of Social Merit Scholarships, in the form of a Scholarship Grant, is open, in accordance with the Regulation on Scholarships for Social Merit and > read more
20 of April

Application Period - Until April 28

Please be informed that until April 28 the application period for the assignment of 10 Social Merit Scholarships, in the form of a Scholarship Grant, is open, in accordance with the Regulation on Scholarships for Social Merit and Social Conscience of > read more
07 of April

Operation - Dates and Opening Hours

We inform you that the calendar of the Food Units of the SASULisboa during the Easter break is as follows:

“Cantina Velha” Refectory: It remains in operation, with the exception of the day April 13 when it will only work with lunch service (8:00 > read more
22 of February

Consciência Social - Applications 2016/2017

Please be informed that the application period for Bolsa de Consciência Social of Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa), academic year 2016/2017, is open between February 22 and March 22.
These scholarships are intended for students enrolled in the first > read more
13 of February

Services - Evaluation

The Evaluation Reports of the Services provided by SASULisboa are already available for detailed consultation, in the scope of the Scholarships, Accommodation and Kindergarten.

For full access, consult the Management Documents Menu.
06 of January

Notice - Financial Services

In order to facilitate and streamline the process of payment for the services provided by SASULisboa (Accommodation and Kindergarten), it is recommended to use the IBAN of the SASULisboa, being necessary to send an e-mail to servicos.financeiros@sas. > read more