Food and Nutrition Services

The management of the area of feed is the responsibility of the food service.

Food and Nutrition

The SASULisboa have 9 Refectories distributed in the Campus of Universidade de Lisboa with capacity for about 3,200 places

In addition to the meal service, the Food Units provide study spaces with access to network points and Wi-Fi connections.

The complete meal includes:

  • - bread
  • - soup
  • - main dish
  • - dessert (sweet, fruit or yogurt)
  • - drink (water, juice or tea)

The main dish can be chosen among meat or fish and vegetarian dish. A diet dish is available by appointment.

For more detailed information, you can consult the page dedicated to each of the Food Units.

Access and Functioning

The following public have access to SASULisboa Food Units:

  • - The Academic Community of ULisboa, after duly proven of its link to the University: students, staff, teachers, researchers, research fellows, visitors and collaborators invited.
  • - Others, after proven that they are duly authorized.

Meal Payment

The payment of meals in the Food Units of SASULisboa is made through the Identification Card of the University of Lisbon (Caixa IU Card), meal ticket or cash.

In compliance with the "General Data Protection Regulations", in order to start using the University of Lisbon Identification Card for payments of SAS services, users should request their user registration on the SASULisboa website, following the steps:

  • 1. On the home page of the SASULISBOA website, under "User Support", click on "Registration Request";
  • 2. Mark your consent options and click "Next";
  • 3. Fill in the fields provided with your data and "Submit".


  • - If the user's registration is automatically detected, registration is immediately valid. Otherwise, the interested party will have to submit a document proving the link to ULisboa.
  • - If the user has marked the second field of consents, the identification card is searched in the academic database of the faculty at the time of registration. If it is detected, the card is immediately activated. Otherwise, the user must go to one of the Food Units of the SASULisboa and associate it in the place.

Hygiene and Food Safety

In terms of food hygiene and safety, all Food Units have implemented a HACCP System (Hygiene and Food Safety System), aided by other standards or Code of Good Practice

In this context, in addition to internal actions, the Food Units are subject to external audits, carried out monthly, including samples for microbiological control of confectionery, utensils and surfaces.

Prices | Academic Year 2017/2018

In order to harmonize procedures, and in order to facilitate students' access to this indirect social support, the Social Action Council determined:

  • 1) The Social Meal Price, paid through the Caixa IU Card, for authorized students of the 1st Cycle, 2nd Cycle and Integrated Masters: 2.65 €

    (Law 71/2017, of August 16);

  • 2) Price of Social Meal, for students and other authorized users, paid in cash: 4.10 €

    (Ordinance nº 421/2012, of September 4).

Contacts and Business Hours

Edifício Cantina Velha - Cidade Universitária - Avenida Professor Gama Pinto
1600-192 Lisboa

: 38º45'3.5994N 9º9'32.4W

: (+351) 213 611 768


This service works every business day, between 09:00 and 17:00 hours.