Accommodation Unit

The management of the area of accommodation is the responsibility of the Student Support Office. In this area there are two types of accommodation: student accommodation and accommodation for teachers.


The housing area is responsible for:

Relevant Documents

Norms of Accommodation during August 2017 (June 23, 2017)

General Standards, Conditions of Access and Use of Residences for Teachers, Researchers, Collaborators and Guests of the University of Lisbon (September 23, 2016)

Rules of Accommodation (September 04, 2014)
Defines the standards and conditions for access to housing.


There are 18 Student Residences, for accommodation of students of the Universidade de Lisboa, in the degrees of Bachelor and Master, which need to be away from their household for attendance of academic activities. The total accommodation capacity is 865 beds, 537 for female students and 328 for male students. These beds are distributed through 454 rooms, of wich 311 are doubles, 50 are triples and 93 are singles.

There are 2 University Residences and 5 Apartments for the accommodation of teachers / researchers at the University of Lisbon (domestic or foreign) who need to stay in Lisbon for reasons inherent to their academic activities.

Each resident is entitled to share the room with a partner, once the typology of rooms so permits.

For more information, please refer to the pages devoted to each of the residences.


For students the application ou renewal process is online. The renewal is applied for students housed in the previous school year, which are not under the protocol, and ocours during August. The applications for other students, begins on September 2, with no end date provided, because it depends of availability of beds.

For teatchers or investigators, the formalization of accommodation requests must be made in writing, by the Faculty that welcomes the visitor, with at least eight days in advance, through e-mail: or sent by mail to the following address:

The application must include: the identification of the occupant, period of stay, room type and indication of who bears the responsibility for payment.


The price table in force, for type approval of the SASULisboa Management Board, is as follows:


Schoolarship Owners:

€ 73,73 (1)
Of other institutions in national mobility:
€ 73,36 (2)
Of other SAS (that do not have a place in the residences of the home institution):
€ 125,00 (3)


Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (FCG):
€ 73,73
Instituto de Cooperação e da Língua (ICL):
€ 140,00
Fundação Luso Americana para o Desenvolvimento (FLAD):
€ 140,00

Without Schoolarship:

Of ULisboa:
€ 130,00
National students from other higher education institutions:
€ 160,00
Foreign students (Erasmus, interchanges / conventions, official request by the Department of External and International Relations of the Rectory) and officialized orders by Embassies, etc:
€ 160,00

Summer lodging (National and International Students):

€ 10,00
€ 250,00

During the month of July and August, the accommodation prices to be charged, will be based on the equal monthly values of the price table, superiorly approved by the SAS Management Council, and published in the Portal, except in cases where the amount due, for the stay, according to the application of the daily rate, is more favorable to the resident.

For implementation of the above rule, applies to the following daily table:

Designation Monthly Fee Daily Fee
Scholarship Owners (SASULisboa) € 73,73 € 4,00
Of other SAS (that do not have a place in the residences of the home institution): € 125,00 € 5,00
Without scholarship (ULisboa) € 140,00 € 7,00
Foreign students (Erasmus, interchanges / conventions) € 160,00 € 10,00
Summer lodging (National and International Students): € 250,00 a) € 10,00 a)

a) Exceptions: residents who, for family casuistic reasons and/or academic reasons, will be allowed to pay the monthly/daily fee, depending on their profile.

Teatchers or Investigators

Nights Single Room Double Room
Up to five (5) nights € 22,00 € 16,00
More than five (5) nights € 19,00 € 14,00
Month € 390,00 € 288,00
Night(s) extending beyond months € 16,00 € 12,00

Contacts and Business Hours

Edifício Cantina Velha - Cidade Universitária - Avenida Professor Gama Pinto
1600-192 LISBOA

: 38º45'3.5994"N 9º9'32.4"W


This service operates every work day, the time between the 09:30 and 17:30 hours.