Child Support Unit

The kindergarten is an educational space that aims to promote the well-being, and the global and harmonious, development of each child, valuing the family school relationship, establishing a climate of trust and mutual collaboration between the different partners and the involvement of the community in the educational process.

This service presents a plan of pedagogical activities based on the current legislation, in articulation with the School Educational Project and the Class Work Plans, and has a specialized staff for its execution, highlighting the role of Educators and Operational Assistants, as well as a team of three teachers for curriculum enrichment activities.

Kindergarten is intended for children in the age group between nine months and the age of entry into primary school. Its main target audience is the children of students from ULisboa and, for the remaining places, the children of employees of ULisboa. As an exception, if there are vacancies available, it may also accommodate children whose parents do not have any connection to ULisboa.

The norms and conditions of access related to day care and kindergarten are defined in the Regulation of Child Support.


In addition to the pedagogical activities planned and developed on a daily basis, the Technical team of the Child Support Unit promotes, in articulation with the Education Officers, the commemoration of holidays, partnerships with the educational community, tours and study visits.

The following curriculum enrichment activities are also available:

  • Musical Expression and Sensitization - Activity of the responsibility of a teacher with competence for the effect, developed once a week in the rooms of two, three, four and five years;
  • Physical and Sports Activity - Activity of the responsibility of a competent teacher, developed once a week in rooms of three, four and five years;
  • Initiation to the English language - Activity of the responsibility of a teacher with competence for the effect, developed once a week in the rooms of the three, four and five years;


The interior space is divided into two large areas: the children's area and service area. The children's area consists of five activity rooms (two nurseries and three children rooms), a multipurpose room and toilet facilities. The activity rooms have natural light and ventilation.

In addition to the equipment specific to each of the rooms, there are also common equipment such as: kitchen equipment, cots, TV, DVD player and movies, slide projector, sound system, motor expression material (bows, etc.), musical instruments, wear material (paper and various boards, glues, etc.), science materials (eggs, nests, shells, fossils, etc.).

The service area consists of a kitchen, a pantry, a laundry room, a dressing room, a sanitary installation for adults, a sanitary installation for evictions and an office. Outside there is a space for outdoor and recreational activities and a car park. The recreation space has equipment for physical activities, sand tank, toys and various games besides drinking fountain and sanitary installation.

Contacts and Business Hours

Avenida Professor Gama Pinto
1649-003 LISBOA

: 38°45'2.329" N 9°9'38.652" W

: (+351) 213 611 708 Internal Number: 31450


This service works every business day, between 07:30 and 18:30 hours.