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Welcome to the website of the Serviços de Ação Social da Universidade de Lisboa (SASULisboa).

This website is intended to be a unique means of information and dissemination of the services that we offer to students of the largest University in Portugal, the University of Lisbon (ULisboa).

We are committed to a strong and participative presence in the academic community, betting on a relationship of trust and closeness, through cooperation and dialogue, focusing on the elected representatives of the students.

Lastly, we want the quality of this space to meet the expectations of those who visit it.

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10 of October

Accommodation 2017/2018 - Monthly Payments

In order to facilitate the management and identification of the SASULisboa Accommodation monthly payments, we inform you that, in the current academic year, these should be done exclusively using the ATM reference issued on the respective invoice.
In the event that the payment term by ATM reference is exceeded, you can choose the following alternative hypotheses:
1) Go to the > read more
28 of September

Social Meal Payment - Cantina Velha

In view of the flow of demand, and for safety reasons, for the 2017/2018 academic year, payment for the Social Meal served on the Main Hall Line (floor 0) and the Macrobiotic and Vegetarian Line (floor 1) must be made exclusively through 2 ways:
1) Payment through the Caixa IU Card at the cashier (Price: 2.65 €)
2) Acquisition of the Daily Meal Ticket at Kiosks, placed at > read more
25 of August

SASULisboa Accommodation - Applicattions 2017

Please be informed that as of September 2 (Saturday) is open the period of applications for accommodation in the University Residences of SASULisboa.

This application period is intended for students who are enrolled in ULisboa and are applying for accommodation for the first time or who, although they have already been housed, have stopped their stay in the residences before > read more