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About us

SASULisboa is developed in an intervention model aimed at meeting the challenges that the socio-economic context poses to the student.

SASULisboa provide support to the academic community of the University of Lisbon, ensuring the functions related to school social action.provide support services to the academic community of the Universidade de Lisboa, ensuring functions within the scope of Higher Education social action.

Page last update on 2023-10-10


SASULisboa's mission is to implement school social action policies, through the provision of support and services, in order to guarantee equal opportunities in the successful attendance of students at the Universidade de Lisboa.


To affirm SASULisboa as a strong presence and intervention structure among ULisboa students, focusing on the proximity and excellence of the services provided.


A boost for the future of ULisboa students.


Assuming a fundamental importance in fulfilling its Mission, SASULisboa elect the following values as paramount in the performance of its functions:





In accordance with public policies for Social Action in Higher Education, the SASULisboa develop its activities under the grant of the following types of students support:

  • Direct Social support, among which we highlight the Scholarships;
  • Indirect Social Support, such as access to food, accommodation, child support and, in articulation with specific services of ULisboa, health services, socio-cultural and sports activities.