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Frequently Asked Questions


Page last update on 2023-10-10

From application to admission

All undergraduate (1st cycle), Integrated Master or Master (2nd cycle) students enrolled / enrolled at the University of Lisbon can apply for accommodation, according to the following priorities: a) Students with scholarships or who have entered the Universidade de Lisboa for the first time, have already applied for a scholarship (link) and are displaced from the household and / or who have less favorable social or family conditions; b) Students from other institutions and / or bodies, national or foreign, with whom cooperation agreements have been signed, in a contingent defined superiorly, for each semester of each academic year; c) Foreign students under mobility programs with ULisboa, pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 15 of the General Regulation for University Residencies of the Serviços Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (GRUR). (link to GRUR) d) Non-scholarship students; e) Students, in general, throughout the school year, depending on the availability of places.

Applications for accommodation are always made online, through a link made available for that purpose, which you can find on the homepage of our website.

Applications for accommodation take place in two distinct phases: The first phase (internal application) starts on July 1 and ends on July 31 of each year and is intended only for resident students, who, having been continuously housed until May 31 of the same year, intend to remain housed in the following school year; The 2nd phase (general candidacy) takes place during each academic year, starting on September 1st.

No. However, the link to access the application will only be valid and available for the period of 10 months, for the duration of each academic year to which it reports (between September and July), and can be removed from the page, in case they no longer exist vacancies to be filled.

In order to apply for accommodation, it is important that you verify that you have already registered as a user on our website at If you have not done so, you can register at in the “SAS User – User Registration” tab; - In the consent phase, the first is for us to validate you as a student/employee of Ulisboa and, if you want to enjoy social meals, you will have to select the second option, referring to the use of the card and continue to fill out the form. Please note that the type of identification document (and its number) used when registering/enrolling at the college is the same as the one you must use to register. When finished, if you receive the message that your user has been successfully validated, simply apply for accommodation at, on the main page choose the option “Students Accommodation Apply”. In case it is not validated successfully, you must scan the document that proves the link to ULisboa and wait for the manual validation of the registration. During registration you may need the following documents depending on your student status: - Citizen Card / Passport and/or Residence Permit; - Declaration of enrollment; - Letter of Acceptance at ULisboa (only for foreign students in mobility programs); - Proof of academic achievement in the last year attended at ULisboa (except for foreign students in mobility programs and for regular students who entered Higher Education for the 1st time, in the year in which they apply for accommodation). After manually validating the registration and without logging in, continuing on the same page at, on the main page the option “Students Accommodation Apply”

No. The choice of the Residence and the type of room is made at another stage of the application process, at the time of the interview, together with the responsible technician of the accommodation, given the avaiable options.

After receiving the successfully submitted application notification, you must wait. The next step is to assign the application to a technician (a) who will be responsible for its verification and validation and who will then notify you for an interview, in order to proceed with the analysis of your accommodation request, clarify any doubts that may exist, from both parties and, eventually, issue and sign your accommodation contract.

The average response time to accommodation requests depends on different variables, such as the number of applications, given the number of places available, the proven existence of enrollment at ULisboa's educational establishment, the urgency and / or the priority level. However, we try to respond, on average, within 15 working days, counting from the moment the application is validated.

Your accommodation application will be valid for the period stipulated in the accommodation contract, up to a maximum of one school year, starting in September and ending in July.

No. Applications are annual. Your application has been accepted for the duration of the contract, which has signed, at the limit, one academic year. If you intend to stay in the following year and / or in the following years, you must submit a new application, within the terms and conditions defined in the GRUR (see here CHAPTER III - APPLICATION AND ADMISSION).

We do not have a room for couples in our homes with the exception of the Campus da Ajuda Residence, which has two T1 apartments.

Our accommodation offer is mostly mixed, however we have a residence designed to accommodate only female students.

Your room is fully furnished and ready to move in. You have at your disposal a bed, wardrobe, bedside table, lamp and desk as well as two complete changes of bed linen (sheets, pillowcases, pillow, duvet, blanket and bedspread). The price of the room also includes the use of all common spaces in the residence and its equipment, weekly cleaning of the room, washing and weekly replacement of bed linen, as well as consumption of gas, electricity, water and Wi-Fi.

Accommodation prices are those listed in the tables (link) annually approved by the SASULisboa Management Council and vary according to the student's profile, as a resident - whether you are a SASULisboa grantee or not and if your household's annual disposable income family, in the previous year it was greater or less than 30 X the IAS * of that year - as well as the type of residence and the room you choose. So, for example, if you choose the Campus da Ajuda Residence, prices will be a little higher than in other residences. Likewise, if you choose a single room you will pay a higher price than if you choose a shared room. * value of the Social Support Index for each year.

The GRUR provides for the payment of an extra monthly fee, as a guarantee of reservation, with the possibility of reverting it to the settlement of the last month of stay, however, exceptionally, we are not charging it. Even so, note that the abandonment of a vacancy, after the reservation act or in a period prior to the scheduled departure date, without prior notice, as stated in paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 18 (link), does not oblige SASULisboa to refund of the amount paid.

All candidates who apply for accommodation for the first time will be invited, via email or through the website, for an interview. Therefore, you must wait for your turn to be notified and present yourself at the Edifício “Cantina Velha” - Cidade Universitária, Avenida Professor Gama Pinto 1649-003 Lisboa PORTUGAL, on the day and time that your presence is requested. During the interview, the technician will be notified of the result of your application and the next steps to be followed.

No. If you are unable to attend on the scheduled date or time, you must previously send an email suggesting alternative dates and / or times, when it may be available. Please note that we have countless candidates waiting for a response, so if you do not respond to our call or do not attend the scheduled interview we will assume that you have given up your accommodation request.

The accommodation interview serves essentially so that the future resident and the responsible technician for their application get to know each other and obtain all necessary clarifications to complete the process that started when the application was submitted. In addition to letting you know the result of the application, the technician will be able to help you in choosing the residence and room type, which can best serve your purposes, as a student, proposing the signing of the contract, inform you about the procedures that involve your admission and about your rights and duties, as a resident, based on the GRUR, and so on. It is a privileged moment of contact, which you should take the opportunity to expose your doubts and obtain all the necessary clarifications for a good integration and experience in residence.

No. Your admission to the residence is always after the signing of the contract. If you are a foreign student or portuguese, but native of the islands (Azores or Madeira) you should pay attention to the day and time of your flight's arrival to Lisbon. Please note that our Services are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Therefore, before purchasing your ticket, bear in mind that, to be accommodated on the same day, you must be guaranteed to arrive in Lisbon, during the morning, at a time that allows you to be received in the Accommodation Area, to comply the formalities inherent to your contract, before going to the residence, where you will be admitted and will receive your keys. So that you can resolve all these issues, without needing to resort to an alternative accommodation, in Lisbon, for your first night we suggest, as the deadline for your arrival at the Accommodation Area, at 3:00 pm. In this way we guarantee that you can sign your contract and arrive at the residence within the office hours of the person responsible - until 4:30 pm.

The signing of the contract is a legal act and marks the beginning of a new stage in its relationship with SASULisboa. When you sign your contract, you get a guarantee of accommodation for the term of the contract, acquiring the quality of tenant and, simultaneously, you assume, before SASULisboa, that you have read the GRUR, that you agree with its clauses and that you are responsible to comply with them. Therefore, you should not give in to precipitations and sign it if you have not read the GRUR in its entirety and clarified any possible doubts.

No. In this case, when you come to sign your contract, you must be accompanied by your guardian or by a legal representative of your guardian, with a duly authenticated power of attorney, for these purposes.

No. The first monthly fee will only be charged after being admitted to the residence.

No. Your first monthly fee will result from a calculation made based on your day of entry, plus the amount corresponding to the payment of administrative and key acts, according to what is stipulated in the table in force, according to article 20 of the GRUR (link).

Accommodation payments are monthly and preceded by the sending of the respective invoice by email. Invoices are usually sent from the 23rd of the preceding month to the one to which they relate. After receiving the invoice, you have fifteen calendar days, counting from the date of issue, to proceed with the payment.

In case you have any impediment and are unable to make the payment by the invoice deadline, it is important that you contact the responsible technician for your accommodation, making an appointment, through our website or sending an email , with the name of the technician and the subject, to the email Please note that non-payment of accommodation fees is sanctioned, which may result in loss of residence place, as described in paragraph 3 of article 21 of the GRUR. (link)

Yes, as long as you request it in advance from the responsible technician for your application and payment is made within the term of your contract. If this is your option, following payment, you will be given the respective receipt, indicating the time period to which it corresponds and the service to which payment is reported.

No. The accommodation prices are fixed and subject to a table, annually approved by the Management Council of SASULisboa, and under no circumstances is it foreseen to apply discounts.

SASULisboa offers three payment alternatives for the convenience of residents: - Payment through entity and ATM reference (automatic payment box), as indicated on the invoice; - Payment at the SASULisboa Treasury counter, from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm at: Edifício “Cantina Velha” Cidade Universitária Av. Prof. Gama Pinto 1649-192 Lisboa - Payment by bank transfer via IBAN of Serviços de Ação Social da Universidade de Lisboa: IBAN PT50 0035 0824 00002742030 80 Note that this modality requires the submission of a proof of payment with the identification of the resident (full name, number of resident and name of the residence) to the following email:

Moving to the UR

No. SASULisboa residences do not have a reception service. Admissions and attendance to students are ensured by the employee responsible for each residence, only during working days, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

It is not allowed to take personal television sets, “minibars”, etc. for rooms, unless previously requested and with express authorization from the Administrator of SASULisboa.

No. SASULisboa does not have insurance with coverage against theft or damage, practiced in residences, nor are they responsible for the protection or security of the residents' individual assets.

Although all rooms and kitchens are furnished and equipped with appliances for everyday use (fridge, stove, water heater, toaster, microwave, hand blender, iron, etc.) we suggest you to bring your own consumables (detergents for crockery and linen, toilet paper, etc.), as well as some utensils for personal use that you may need (cutlery, glass, cup, individual set of dishes, a basic set of pots, kitchen towels, a set of towels face and bath, and so on).

No. Pets are not allowed inside the residences.

No. Our residences do not have private parking facilities.

Yes. Your visits are welcome, as long as they do not cause embarrassment to residents and employees, nor do they interfere with the normal functioning of the residence. Note that, under the terms of number 1 of article 12 of the GRUR (link), in a conflicting situation, the ultimate responsibility, in relation to acts or behaviors less typical of visits, inside the residence is always the resident's, who allowed and facilitated their entry.

No. We recall that, in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 12 of the RGRU (link), any access for overnight stays is forbidden to people with whom SASULisboa has not entered into a contract.

In principle, no. However, we will analyze all requests for change of rooms and / or residence that are communicated, via email, to the technicians responsible for each residence, starting in October. The final decision rests with the Housing and Child Support Coordinator. Depending on the situation, on successful requests for a change of room or residence there may be a change in the monthly fees.

Accommodation contracts include Christmas and Easter vacation periods and Carnival or other school breaks, designed to prepare for exams for each semester, so you will not have to vacate the room during those periods, remaining unchanged, responsibility for accommodation charges. The same is no longer true of summer holidays. In accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 6 of the RGRU (link), the residences close on July 31 and reopen on September 1, which implies that the room must be vacated and the keys to access the residence must be retuned.

No, our residences do not offer this type of facilities. We suggest that you make a good planning of your trip and take only the essentials when you move, later adjusting your needs to the space reserved for you.

After signing your accommodation contract you will be legally bound by the terms of the same. If you intend to terminate the contract in advance and do not do so under the terms and conditions of paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of article 18 of the GRUR (link) you will remain responsible for the costs of accommodation associated with it. In this situation, we suggest that by the 15th of the month prior to your departure, send an email or make an appointment with the technician responsible for your residence and inform you of your decision.

Yes. All residents have access to free Wi-Fi inside their homes.

Yes. In accordance with article 8 of the RGRU (link), weekly cleaning of rooms and common areas of residences is planned. You can find the terms and times posted at your residence. Note, however, that the cleaning of equipment in the kitchens, as well as the collection of garbage and its deposit in solid waste containers existing outside the UK, are the responsibility of those who use them - paragraph 3 of article 22 of the RGRU (link).

All problems must be reported directly to the person in charge of the residence, who will subsequently report them, to the respective department, in SASULisboa. This includes requests for maintenance, communication about damages, accidents or even relational problems among residents.

Your mail must be sent to the address of the residence and will be received by the person responsible for it, who will be responsible for delivering it directly to your hands.

No. The residences of SASULisboa are equipped with washing machines and dryers, as well as irons and ironing boards, which all residents can access, free of charge, for the treatment of their personal clothes.