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Strategic Documents

On this page we present you our strategic documents of the last years

Page last update on 2023-10-10

Evaluation and Accountability Framework

The Assessment and Accountability Framework (QUAR) is a reference framework for assessing the organization's performance, its multi-annual strategic objectives, the targets to be achieved, the performance indicators and their sources of verification, the human and financial resources and the measurement of the degree of achievement of the results obtained and the summary identification of deviations and their causes at the end of the management cycle.

Activities plan

The activities plan is a management document that sets out the objectives and main activities planned by the organization for the period of one year, including the human and financial resources needed to achieve them.

Activities report

The activity report is part of the annual management cycle for public administration departments, linked to the Integrated System for Performance Management and Assessment in Public Administration (SIADAP). This document reports on the main activities carried out and the means used by the organization, containing a qualitative and quantitative demonstration of the achievements and results attained, as well as the degree to which the programmed objectives have been achieved. In this way, it shows the body's capabilities and is an instrument to support decision-making and planning for the next cycle of activity.

Social Balance

The social balance is a planning and management tool drawn up annually, pursuant to article 1 of Decree-Law 190/96 of October 9, during the first quarter, with reference to December 31 of the immediately preceding year. This document aims to characterize the organization in the social and human resources areas and provide a set of indicators to support decision-making in terms of planning and management.