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Page last update on 2023-10-10

About the residence

The FMH1 Residence is located in Cruz Quebrada, next to the Faculty of Human Motricity. It is a mixed residence and adapted for people with reduced mobility, close to an urban park and an extensive forest area and also to several sports facilities at the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor, giving priority to sports practice for all levels. Residents will be able to find, at the residence, the conditions of study, well-being, and organization of their activities of daily living, suitable for the promotion of their objective of academic success.

The Residence has a person responsible for its functioning and internal management, as well as a superior technician, who selects the candidates for accommodation and analyzes their scholarship applications, also monitoring them during the your academic path.

The access rules and conditions relating to accommodation are defined in the Internal Regulation. If you want to apply for accommodation, it is essential that you become aware of it.

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60 beds
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Free weekly replacement
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Working days 08:00 to 16:00
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Full coverage
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Social rooms
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Common space
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Weekly free
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Video surveillance

Video Surveillance
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On-site security

Some services and commercial spaces that you can find nearby the residence

Within a radius of a few meters up to 3 km, you will find several services and commercial spaces of great use for your daily life. We highlight, among others, the following:

Nearby supermarkets in Algés and Linda-a-Velha: Mercearia Silva & Ramos Lda., Minipreço, Lidl, Sinfonia de Sabores, Pingo Doce;

Shopping centers: Dolce Vita Miraflores, Palmeiras Shopping;

Hospitals and Clinics: Hospital de Santa Cruz, Hospital de S. Francisco Xavier;

Pharmacies: Pharmacy Santa Sofia, Pharmacy Pinto, Pharmacy Marta;

Restaurants, Cafes, Fast Food: Café Kais ao Rio, Café Pastelaria Mira Verde, Snack Bar Águia Real, Snack Bar O Cantinho da Catarina, Yellow Restaurant, Refúgio Restaurant, Burger King;

Banks in Algés and Linda-a-Velha: CGD, Banco Popular, Millennium BCP, there is an ATM at the Faculty of Human Motricity;

Theaters and Cinemas: Ruy de Carvalho Auditorium, Cinema Alegro.

Nearby monuments and points of interest to discover

Tourist attractions from Cais do Sodré, passing through Belém, Algés, Oeiras, Estoril, Cascais (using the Cascais line) such as: Vasco da Gama Aquarium, Parque Urbano do Jamor, Sports facilities of the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor, beaches, Passeio Marítimo de Algés, Clube do Automóvel de Portugal, Museu do Combatentes do Ultramar, Museu Berardo Collection, Museu da Marinha, Torre de Belém, National Archeology Museum, Praça do Império, Rosa dos Ventos, Pastéis de Belém.

Location and Contacts

Estrada da Costa
1499-002 Dafundo

location icon Latitude: 38°42'24.0 / Longitude: 9°15'06.0

phone icon +351 21 3611700

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