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Other Direct Supports


Page last update on 2023-10-10

Emergency Aids

The Emergency Aid is a cash benefit of exceptional nature, especially given face to serious economic situations that occur during the school year and which are not classifiable in the normal process of granted Scholarships.

Transportation's Annual Benefit

When the courses in which they are registered are not, at the date of entry, counterparts in existing courses in the respective place of residence, have the right to the transportation's annual benefit the scholarship students:

  1. Residents in Autonomous Region who are registered and enrolled in a course taught in higher education institution on the continent, from another autonomous region or from a island different of residence;
  2. Mainland residents who are registered and enrolled in course taught in higher education institution of the Autonomous Regions.

The annual benefit of transport is consolidated in the payment of an air or sea passage roundtrip between the place of study and place of habitual residence, in each school year.

The aforementioned payment shall bear the lowest commercial value of the ticket, less the amount of the social mobility allowance granted to the beneficiary citizens, in connection with air services between the Mainland and the Autonomous Region of the Azores and the Autonomous Region of Madeira, respectively , Decree-Law no. 41/2015 of 24 March and Decree-Law no. 134/2015 of 24 June.

Accommodation Supplement

Public higher education scholarship students, who are displaced, and who, having requested accommodation in a social action services residence, have not obtained it, benefit during the academic period in which the scholarship is awarded, from a monthly supplement equal to to the value of the charge actually paid for accommodation and proven by receipt, up to a limit of 95% of the IAS, in the case of the Universidade of Lisboa.

The preceding paragraph also applies to scholarship students displaced of public higher education who are attending school activities, including internships, in locations where the respective institution of higher education does not have their own residences or the possibility of making the lodge in other residences of higher education institutions.

The displaced scholarship students of public higher education denying accommodation that they have been granted in the social action services are not eligible for housing supplement.

To the displaced scholarship students of public higher education is of absolute priority the concession of accommodation in social action services residence.

The displaced student referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be entitled to an additional month of the supplement they are receiving when proof is furnished, by proofs issued by the competent services of the institution in which they are enrolled and carried out, or are carrying out academic acts such as evaluation tests and internships, as well as the elaboration of a dissertation of a scientific nature, project work or professional stage, object of final report, involving the maintenance of their situation as displaced persons.

Mobility Supplement

In accordance with specific regulations, scholarship students to whom it is attributed studentship under the Erasmus+ Program benefit in the approved period of mobility of a monthly supplement in the amount of:

  1. € 100,00 if the value of the annual basic grant calculated under Regulation is less than seven times the social support index;
  2. € 150,00 if the value of the annual basic grant calculated under Regulation is equal to or greater than seven times the social support index.