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Other Spaces

In addition to the Auditorium, the Main Hall and “Aquarium” spaces can be rented to external entities.

Page last update on 2023-12-26

SASULisboa has two spaces in the “Cantina Velha” building that can be transferred to public or private organizations and companies to hold events: the “Aquário” and the Main Hall.

The Main Hall offers around 400 seats, and can be used for all types of events, making it an ideal space for dinners or events that also require a catering service: external link icon/ external link icon

The Aquarium has around 180 seats, which can be arranged in any way that suits you, making it an ideal room for holding events such as workshops, training sessions and others. It is a very bright space with direct access to the garden and terrace of the old cantina.

Equipments e Infrastructure

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Seated Places

580 seated places
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Projection Screen

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Bar Service

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Catering Service

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Prices and more information

See the Regulations for the use of spaces and equipment at the Serviços de Ação Social da Universidade de Lisboa, where you will find the conditions of use, as well as the price list in force.

To request the use of a space or for more information, fill in the form and send it to:

To request catering services or request more information about the food service, fill out the form available for this purpose:


Images Gallery

General view of the main hall
General view of the main hall
	General view of the Aquarium
General view of the Aquarium

Location and Contacts

Edifício Cantina Velha - Cidade Universitária - Avenida Professor Gama Pinto
1600-192 LISBOA

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