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The monitoring of children in each room is provided by a Childhood Educator who has the support of Operational Assistants who are trained in this area. The educator is responsible for guiding the room, in principle accompanying their group of children throughout their stay in our premises.

It is your responsibility:

  • Organize and apply the appropriate educational means for the integral development of the child (psychomotor, affective, intellectual, social, moral).
  • To monitor the evolution of the children for whom he is responsible and in conjunction with the coordination, to keep in touch with parents in order to obtain an integrated educational action, communicating to them all aspects of their children's development.
  • Observe each child to know their abilities, interests and difficulties, collect information about the family context and the environment in which children live to better understand their characteristics.
  • Proceed with the planning of the educational process according to the information collected and make it practical.
  • Evaluate the entire process, including all effects, adapting the educational process to the needs of children and the group in general.
  • Provide the necessary conditions for each child to feel involved and welcomed in the establishment.

In addition to the Educators and Operational Assistants, this service has a Coordinating Educato and a Social Work Technician responsible for Child Support.

Meals and Rest

Baby room

In the nursery is served lunch, snack and complements at mealtimes (where appropriate). Lunch is served at 11:30 am in the activity room by the various operating assistants, and the menu is adapted not only to the nutritional needs of this age group, but also to the medical indications for each child. Thus, the soup is minced and contains meat or fish. The introduction of solid foods (main course) is done gradually and according to the pediatrician's instructions. The fruit is sometimes presented in the form of juice.

At 15:30 a snack is served, consisting of dairy flour or yogurt porridge with fruit, crackers or cereal flakes.

Babies, after lunch, rest for 2:20 hours, from 1:00 pm to 3:20 pm.

Remaining rooms (two, three, four and five years)

In the kindergarten is served lunch, snack and complements at mealtimes (where appropriate). Lunch is served at 12:00 in the activity room by the respective educators and operational assistants, and the menu is adapted to the medical instructions for each child. The lunch menu consists of soup, main course (meat and fish every other day accompanied by vegetables) and fruit or dessert (once a week).

At 15:30 the snack is served, consisting of bread with butter or cheese and plain milk and natural yogurt every other day.

The children in these classrooms, after lunch, rest for 2:20 hours, from 1:00 pm to 3:20 pm. For this purpose there is a multipurpose space called a bedroom.

Note: Five-year-olds no longer have rest.

Rooms Distribution
- Babies 2 years 3/4 years 4/5 years Extra Room* Total
No. of children 14 20 23 23 20 81

*Note: There is installed capacity for another room with up to 20 children, in any age group, with the exception of the babies' room.


All rooms have equipment suitable for the physical structure and age range of the children they receive, used as a facilitator of well-being and development. The activity rooms are equipped with a fan, heater, work and information display board, lockers, tables and chairs.

Baby room : due to its specificity, this space has changing tables, diapers and their containers, individual mattresses for resting, sun beds, rocker, as well as toys, books and educational games.

Remaining rooms (two, three, four and five years old) : the space is organized by areas of interest, defined and delimited that provide working conditions, concentration, play and discovery. Each area is equipped with diverse and appropriate materials, allowing children freedom of choice and enhancing their sense of responsibility, autonomy and initiative.

Features and Equipments
Features 2 years 3/4 years 4/5 years
Table games area Puzzles
Fitting Games
Sequence Games
Mathematical Games    
Reading Starter Games    
Ground Play Area Fitting Games
Construction Games
Garage Area Carpet
Library Area Bookshelf
House Area Tableware
Everyday utensils
Workshop and Tools Area Workshop
Puppet Area Puppeteer  
Others CD player

Business Hours

This service works every business day, between 07:30 and 18:30 hours.

Location and Contacts

Avenida Professor Gama Pinto
1649-003 LISBOA

location icon Latitude: 38°45'2.329 / Longitude: 9°9'38.652

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