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Page last update on 2023-10-10


All users of the academic community of the various schools of the University of Lisbon have a ULisboa user account at their disposal, created from information registered in the academic, human resources systems and in the Schools' directories. This account is managed through the Ulisboa user portal external link icon .

It is through this account that SASUlisboa users can access their personal area on our website, as long as they have successfully completed their user registration as a SASULisboa user, through the option User Registration, available in the menu SAS User.

Password Management

To perform password management (change, recovery) the user must access the ULisboa user portal external link icon, following the respective instructions in the Help Manual.

User login does not exist

If, during authentication, you receive a login message that does not exist, contact us via email with the following information: full name, number of your identification document and login used.

Obtaining credentials

If you are unable to successfully authenticate, you should contact the technical support of the University of Lisbon through the email with the following information:

Full name;
Number of your identification document;
Email address;
Date of birth;
Ulisboa organic unit to which it belongs;
Your profile (student / teacher / employee).