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Identificação Card


Page last update on 2023-10-10


The IU Card (Caixa Institutes and Universities) at the Universidade de Lisboa results of the signature of a cooperation protocol, aiming mutual collaboration between this university and Caixa Geral de Depósitos, for the creation of financial products and services for members of this community. Equipped with EMV Chip for greater security in financial transactions and with contactless technology, it allows the use of access control systems by card approach.

In order to streamline your academic life, your card is already associated with some services. In particular, in the social services is used for access control in some of our facilities and by charging your user account allows you to pay for meals in our refectories.

If you are a student of the Universidade de Lisboa, when registering at your institution, you will be given a temporary card, so that you can immediately take advantage of the various services at your disposal, until your customized IU card is ready. If you are an employee (teacher, non-lecturer or researcher), upon admission to one of the organizational units of the Universidade de Lisboa, the human resource services will provide data for the issuing of your card with Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

The production of the card is the responsibility of Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

Pin Code

Your card has a secret PIN code associated with it. This code has nothing to do with other codes of your personal cards. This is a numeric code with 4 digits that will be linked to your card which you must customize later, so that is only known by you. By default, all cards have a PIN number of 1234 and can be changed in the kiosks, after login (Change Pin). This code is not recorded on the card but in the database.

Charging Card

Your account can be credited using the kiosks available in the food units or using the MBWay platform, available from your identification area on our website (PC version or for mobile devices).

In these kiosks you can choose to: charge in cash, charging through ATM or MBWay.
The loading operation is very simple and sums up to:

  1. Start the operation by presenting your card;
  2. Enter your PIN code;
  3. Select the Load option and choose your favourite payment:
    1. Cash - The kiosk waits for you to enter the amount (coins and / or banknotes) into the appropriate slots and displays the sum of the entered values. If you drop the operation and press the button to return values, if the kiosk no longer has any changes, a receipt will be printed so that you can raise the amount in any SASULisboa treasury. When you use your card all the money you load will be assumed in the charge.
    2. ATM - The kiosk waits for you to enter the amount you want to credit. The minimum value is € 10.00. The message In Processing is displayed and the operation control passes to the ATM terminal;
    3. MBWay - The kiosk waits for you to enter the amount you wish to credit and a valid mobile number to confirm the operation. It does not have any minimum value per transaction.
  4. The kiosk will print a proof of card loading. This document serves only as proof of loading and has no accounting value;
  5. When you finish the operation, always press the Close button.


To pay for services just approach your card to the readers in the POS terminals in the food units. The value of the service will be charged to your checking account.

Balance, Extracts and Movements

You can always check the balance and all credit and consumption movements associated with your card through any kiosk (option -> Balance or Movements) or through your personal area on our website, either in the PC version or in the mobile version.

Frequently Asked Questions


So that you can benefit a variety of services, there must be a registration as a user of Serviços de Ação Social da Universidade de Lisboa and your card must be recognized by our systems. Consult User Registration to request your registration.

If you wish to start using the new card, you must go to a service point in one of the food units and request the association of the new card or alternatively use the kiosks at the entrance of Cantina Velha and select the Replace Card option.

You must go to the Academic Services of your school.

In case of card loss, you can go to the SAS treasury or should immediately contact our Helpdesk in order to disabled your card. For this purpose, the following contacts are available: Email: Tel: (+351) 213 611 706 Internal Extension: 31334

No. Your card balance and all movements are stored in our database and not physically on the card.

Yes. You must identify yourself with the POS operator and validate the payment using your PIN code.

When you upload your card through MBWay or kiosks, the balance will be immediately available.

Relevant Documents

Regulation (PDF)