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Page last update on 2023-10-10

About the residence

The residence is located in a central point between several academies at the University of Lisbon, with close access to the central services of the university itself, as well as to Cantina Velha, where the main Social Action Services refectory is located. The privileged location also includes easy access to public transport, various cultural and sporting spaces, shopping and entertainment spaces. It is an accessible residence according to the new concepts of urban and sustainable mobility, providing, for example, storage for bicycles.

Building 1 is the first of a total complex of 3 buildings, which will create a dynamic in the heart of the university city. Upon completion of the project, it will have a central square with several commercial spaces, oriented towards leisure and socializing. The development will also have underground parking.

The residence is mixed occupancy, offering rooms of different types, which include access for reduced mobility, as well as one-bedroom apartments. Inside we find large spaces sized for the large number of residents, with a study room and several social and leisure spaces. Residents also have areas at their disposal for preparing food, as well as washing and drying clothes.

The residence has access control with 24-hour security, monitoring through video surveillance and scheduled tours of the facilities. It also offers a daily cleaning service for the facilities, which includes cleaning all common spaces and residents' rooms.

The Residence has a person responsible for its operation and internal management, as well as a senior technician, who selects candidates for accommodation and analyzes their scholarship applications, also monitoring them during the your academic career.

The rules and access conditions relating to accommodation are defined in Internal Regulations. If you wish to apply for accommodation, it is essential that you are aware of it.

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Social rooms and kitchens
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Some services and commercial spaces that you can find nearby the residence

Within a radius of a few meters to 3 km, you will find various services and commercial spaces that are very useful for your daily life. We highlight, among others, the following:

- Supermarkets: Celeiro, Pingo Doce, Amor Bio, Continente Bom dia, Lidl, Frutaria Aquário, Supermercado Rocha, Celeiro-dieta;

- Shopping centers: Galeria Comercial Campo Pequeno, Centro Comercial Acqua Roma;

- Hospitals and Clinics: Lisbon Health Park, Santa Maria Hospital, CUF Alvalade Clinic, Pulido Valente Hospital, Curry Cabral Hospital;

- Pharmacies: Rainha Santa Pharmacy, Neoterapia Pharmacy, Marbel Pharmacy, Santa Maria Pharmacy, Alvalade Pharmacy;

- Restaurants and cafes: Casa Al Parma, The Sushi Box, Black Sushi, MacDonald, Mundo Gourmet Pizzaria Lisboa, Big Kebab House;

- Banks: Banco Alameda da Universidade, CGD, BPI, Montepio, Santander Totta, Millennium BCP, Novo Banco;

- Theaters and Cinemas: Cinema City Alvalade, Cinema do Campo Pequeno, Cinema King, Cinema Londres, Cinema UCI, Teatro Maria Matos, Teatro A Comuna.

Some nearby monuments and points of interest which you will enjoy discovering

Jardim Mário Soares (Campo Grande), Campo Grande Church, Aula Magna, Quinta das Conchas e Lilases, Campo Pequeno Bullring, Torre do Tombo National Archive, Bordalo Pinheiro Museum, José Alvalade Stadium, 1º de Maio Games Park , Padel Campo Grande, Lisbon Museum, Palácio Pimenta, City Museum.

Location and Contacts

R Professor António Flores ,s/n - Campus da Cidade Universitária
1600-214 Lisboa

location icon Latitude: 38°45'03.7 / Longitude: 9°09'19.1