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SAS Mobile

SAS Mobile is available in on a Portuguese and English version, allowing the user to access immediately to content in the language wanted.

Page last update on 2023-10-10


SAS Mobile aims to concentrate the features that can help you when you access using a mobile device to perform operations or locate information in a very synthetic and objective way. To access, use your mobile device's browser and type in the address

On Homepage are presented the SASULisboa News and the content menu was structured according to the main areas of services that are provided to the Academic Community of the Universidade de Lisboa: Food Services, Scholarships, Accommodation for Students, Accommodation for Teachers, Childhood and University Card.

For each of the services indicated, brief information about the service and functioning, as well as the availability of contacts, location and working hours are presented.

Users registered in the SASULisboa have the possibility to login and access their profile and consult their situation regarding services, namely:


    1. Application Status
    2. Application Results
    3. Payments


    1. Application Status
    2. Residence payments
    3. Current account


    1. State of candidacy of the child (ren)
    2. Monthly payment
    3. Current account

University Card:    

    1. Card balance        
    2. Extracts