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Duarte Pacheco

Avenida D. João II, Lote 4.70.02

1990-088 Lisboa

Latitude: 38°46'39.5"N
Longitude: 9°05'51.2"W


Page last update on 2023-10-10

About the residence

The Duarte Pacheco Residence is located in Parque das Nações, next to the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth and the Higher School of Health Technology in Lisbon

It has easy access to transport, such as the Metropolitano de Lisboa, (“Oriente” and “Moscavide” stations) and the train (“Moscavide” station), which connect to Instituto Superior Técnico on Alameda Campus and, also to Cidade Universitária Campus.

The Residence, of mixed occupancy, has rooms of different types, as well as providing ample spaces for study and socializing for residents.

The Residence has a person responsible for its functioning and internal management, as well as a superior technician, who selects the candidates for accommodation and analyzes their scholarship applications, also monitoring them during the your academic path.

The access rules and conditions relating to accommodation are defined in the Internal Regulation. If you want to apply for accommodation, it is essential that you become aware of it.

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225 beds
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Free weekly replacement
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Working days 08:00 to 16:00
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Full coverage
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Social rooms
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Common space
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Weekly free
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Video surveillance

Video Surveillance
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On-site security

Some services and commercial spaces that you can find nearby the residence

Supermarkets: Pingo Doce, Meu Super, Minipreço, Continente;

Shopping Centers: Centro Comercial Vasco da Gama;

Hospitals and Clinics: Hospital CUF Descobertas;

Pharmacies: Farmácia Oriental de Lisboa, Farmácia Vasco da Gama, Farmácia Parque das Nações;

Restaurants, Cafes, Fast Food: A Padaria Portuguesa, The Fifties Diner, Pizzaria Luzzo, Atithi Indian Restaurant, Miss Saigon - vegano; Padaria Empório, Restaurante Ocean, Pizza Hut, Tappas Caffé;

Banks: BPI, Novo Banco, Millennium BC, ABANCA, BBVA;

Theaters and Cinemas: Teatro Camões, TEATRO ABC - Companhia Nacional de Teatro Português, Cinema NOS – Centro Comercial Vasco da Gama.

Some nearby monuments and points of interest which you will enjoy discovering

Oceanário de Lisboa, Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Altice Arena, FIL – Feira Internacional de Lisboa, Lisbon Casino, several green areas (Skatepark Expo, Parque Tejo, Jardim do Passeio dos Heróis do Mar, Jardim Garcia de Orta, Jardim da Música, and others) 

Location and Contacts

Av. Dom João II, Lote 4 70 02
1990-088 Lisboa

location icon Latitude: 38°46'40.1N / Longitude: 9°05'50.8W

phone icon +351 21 3611700

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