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The scholarship is a financial benefit attributed per academic year for the contribution to the costs of attending a course or the completion of a compulsory professional internship, whenever the household in which the student joins does not have a level of financial resources.

The scholarship is paid directly by the DGES to each student student by bank transfer in 10 monthly installments, except for the exceptions provided in the legislation in force.

The conditions for granting this type of support to the student are defined in the legislation currently in force, namely in the Regulation of Allocation of Scholarships to Students of Higher Education.


The application for a scholarship can be submitted in the following periods:

  • Between June 25 and September 30;
  • In the 20 working days after registration, when this occurs after September 30;
  • In the 20 working days following the issuance of proof of the beginning of the internship, by the promoter.

If you register before September 30, the student always has 20 working days to submit the application, even if the deadline is longer than that date.

The application may also be submitted between October 1 and May 31, in which case the amount of the scholarship to be awarded proportional to the amount calculated under this regulation, considering the period between the month following submission of the application and the end of the academic period or the internship.


The application for the scholarship is completed and submitted online, in the reserved area of the student, in the Platform of the General Directorate of Higher Education (BeOn) at:

To obtain the access credentials fill out the form on the SASULisboa website, following the steps:

  1. On the home page go to the "Scholarships" menu and click on "Credentials Request";
  2. Read the information carefully and indicate your consent in the indicated field. Then click "Next";
  3. Fill in the fields with the requested data;
  4. Click on "Submit".

In the case of the candidate for enrollment and enrollment in a course through the National Access and Entrance Contest in Public Higher Education (CNAES), the request for the access credential code is made at the time of the application to the CNAES.


To correctly fill out the application form on the DGES platform you need to gather the following elements for each element of your household:

  • Citizen's Card / Identity Card;
  • Tax Identification Number (NIF);
  • Social Security Identification Number (NISS);
  • IRS declaration (if you have submitted the declaration);
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number), through which you intend to receive the scholarship;
  • Land Registry of all the properties owned or declared by the Municipal Property Tax (IMI);
  • Balances of current and future bank accounts, with the situation referring to December 31 of the previous fiscal year, and value of the remaining movable assets (savings certificates, shares, bonds, retirement savings plans, etc.


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